North Bay – Cowboy RO I Course – September 25, 2021 – cancelled

Cowboy RO I Course
This course has been cancelled.

Registration: 8:30 am
Start Time: 9:00 am

Covid restrictions will apply – masks will be required indoors and when social distancing is not possible. Bring your own drinks, snacks and lunch, as well as sanitizer.

Students will need a copy of the Shooters Handbook, Ver 25.1, 1 January 2021 and the ROI Course, Ver. 26, March 2021. (After you download the Handbook, scroll down to the RO Course manual.) You must read the Shooters Handbook and have a general knowledge of the rules. You do not have to memorize the material. Remember that the rule book is a reference if you need to know information on costuming or firearms rules. However, you should have some knowledge of the range shooting rules. Bring both books with you to the course. You will use the RO manual to follow the presentation and make notes.

Cost: $30 for first time – $12 for refresher
Register with Legendary Lawman here.

Do NOT bring firearms or ammunition to the course.

Get the SASS rule books and student handbooks here

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