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This event is running from 5 February 2023 until 7 December 2025. It is next occurring on May 05, 2024 8:30 am

  • Venue: Wentworth
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All holders of valid PAL and ATT licenses are invited to attend this match.

Cowboy Action Shooting Match
Registration starts at 8:30 AM
Mandatory safety meeting at 9:53 AM
Shooting starts at 10:00 AM
Cost is $15. No lunch.

Participants may shoot Cowboy, Wild Bunch or 3 gun light (limited to pistol calibre carbines, no shotgun slugs)
There will be 4 stages with an ammo count of 40 pistol 40 rifle and 16+ shotgun for the match.
A typical stage will be 10 pistol, 10 rifle and 4+ shotgun.
SASS rules and guidelines, some additional club safety rules

Contact Chris or Doc Lonesome to register.

Wentworth Shooting Sports Club
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Club House Phone: 905-385-5416
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