Firearms License

The first thing you need to do is get a Firearms License called a Possession Acquisition License or PAL.  This is done by taking  two Government courses, one on Non-Restricted Firearms, the other on Restricted Firearms.  There are a number of approved instructors throughout Ontario.  To find an approved Firearms License Course near you click here.

Join a Club

Once you have completed the course and have a PAL you will need to join a club in your area that offers Cowboy Action Shooting.  There are links to all clubs offering CAS activities that have a website at the bottom of this page there is also a Club List that offers contacts at all clubs even though they may not have a website.  You have to belong to a Club to be able to transport your pistols so belonging to one is essential.


Get Your Own Firearms

You will need to get your own firearms and fellow shooters usually have some spares that are perfectly good.  Ask the experienced shooters around your club, there will likely be a good selection of firearms available that have already been worked on by a gunsmith and ready to compete.

Follow the Laws

The RCMP oversees the Firearms Act and is responsible for licensing and registration of firearms and firearms owners.  We recommend you view their information by clicking here, to make sure you are in full compliance with the law.