DSC_0007The Ontario Single Action Shooting Federation (OSASF) is the information and promotion body for Cowboy Action Shooting Clubs across Ontario who put on events for all shooters and offer Cowboy Action Shooting(CAS) activities for their club members.

OSASF will provide Cowboy Action Shooters with a schedule of events as well as to offer beginners information about Cowboy Action Shooting and how to get involved.  OSASF is a Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) affiliated organization.

OSASF Statement of Purpose

Intense ConcentrationThe purpose of OSASF is to promote the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting as a safe and fun family activity.  This is to be accomplished by providing a centralized source of information to existing Cowboy Action Shooters (CAS) and gun clubs and provide direction and assistance to new CAS shooters.  We will be an information resource that will help recruit and encourage new shooters to join clubs with active Cowboy Action Shooting sections.  We will accomplish these goals while emphasizing the, “Spirit of the Game” and the, “Cowboy Way” as our guiding philosophy.