SASS Wild Bunch Shooting

Welcome to the “Hottest Game” around, SASS Wild Bunch Action Shooting. Undeniably, Wild Bunch Action Shooting shares similarities to SASS Cowboy Action Shooting. However, there are some notable differences. Wild Bunch is a shooting sport in which contestants compete with firearms typical of those used in the taming of the Old West just after the turn of the 20th century.  Firearms include 1911 Pistols in .45 acp, Lever Action Rifles chambered for pistol caliber of .40 and above, and model 1897 and Model ’12 12ga pump shotguns.

Sanctioned matches are designed specifically to provide stage scenarios which incorporate down range as well as lateral movement, more pistol and shotgun rounds fired per stage than in Cowboy shooting, and a variety of reactive targets such as plate racks, dueling trees, moving targets and rifle/pistol knockdown targets as well.

Contestants shoot in several one-to-three gun stages (courses of fire) in which they engage steel and/or cardboard targets. Scoring is based on accuracy and speed.

The truly unique aspect of SASS Wild BunchTM Action Shooting is the requirement placed on authentic period or western screen dress. Each participant is required to adopt a shooting alias appropriate to a character or profession of the late 19th century, or a Hollywood western star, and develop a costume accordingly.

WBAS is a dynamic, fun, fast paced action shooting sport designed for the shooter. We will wager that once you shoot your first Wild Bunch stage, you will be just as enthusiastic about participating in this sport as we are!

2018 Wild Bunch Rule Changes

• The Model 12 shotgun does not have to be declared at the firing line. However, it must still be brought to the line with the hammer down on an empty chamber. If the gun is cocked it cannot be racked without pulling the trigger or hitting the slide release. If the shooter cannot rack the shotgun, they will be stopped immediately by the RO and the shotgun checked to see if it is cocked. If so, a SDQ is assessed.
• Pistol magazines may now be loaded with up to 7 rounds. It is recommended that the average round count per stage be 28 in a Wild Bunch match.
• The pistol may be reloaded with the slide forward with an empty chamber or with a round in the chamber. A single round may be loaded by hand.
• The penalty for moving with the slide forward on an empty chamber has been reduced to a MSV. It is still a SDQ to move more than one step with the slide forward on a loaded round. The basketball rule still applies.
• The pistol may be re-staged with the slide forward as long as it is empty of live rounds.
• The pistol may be re-staged with a loaded magazine in the gun as long as the slide is locked open. If the slide closes, loading a round, it is immediately an SDQ.
• In Match Procedures and Terms (2018), all officials are listed indicating those that are optional versus who are required. Note that a loading table officer is now optional but an unloading table officer is required.
• The TO no longer asks the shooter if they understand the course of fire.
• The TO no longer calls the shooter back for a closed firearm unless they can see that the shooter did not attempt to clear the firearm.
• There are detailed definitions for ‘cleared’ and for ‘squib’.
• There is no longer a penalty for dry firing at the loading table.
• It has been clarified that the safeties that are required to be working on the 1911 are the thumb/hammer and grip safeties.

Three Gun Shooting

Three Gun Shooting is based on SASS Wild Bunch Rules using a modern pistol,  handgun caliber rifle and a semi-auto or pump shotgun.  There is a separate category for 22 caliber firearms called Three Gun Lite.  The same rules and shooting order applies to each category at the matches.  There are no dress rules other than camouflage clothing is discouraged.  Most matches have 4 – 6 stages and will use 10 pistol, 10 rifle and 4 – 8 rounds of shotgun ammo per stage.

The stage shooting order is described to each squad before shooting begins.  Stages consist of an array of steel targets placed from 10m to 20m away from the firing line.  Light ammunition loads are used for safety reasons.  All three guns are used on each stage and each shooter is timed and assessed for accuracy to determine the winner.

SASS Wild Bunch Rules are used to ensure a proven safe shooting experience.  All loading, unloading and shooting is done under the supervision of a range officer.

Lead or copper plated (not jacketed) ammunition can be used.

Common calibers used include, but not restricted to:

Pistol and Rifle

38 Special, 357 Magnum, 9mm, 40 S&W, 45 ACP

Three Gun Lite

22 long rifle, 22 short


12 Gauge, 20 Gauge

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