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Firearm Engraving
Restoration and original engraving by Master Engraver Bruce Bradshaw.
See Bruce Bradshaw Gun Engraver or email Bruce Bradshaw or call 416 546 2470

For Sale

Not cowboy, but need cabinet room
Fun plinker, Ruger SR22
With TandemKross compensator, thread adapter and 4 mags
$650 includes shipping

Contact Doc Lonesome

Uberti Cimarron Single Action Army. 7.5″ 44-40.
Donut ejector rod head, blued and case hardened.
Imitation 2 piece ivory grips Some holster wear on muzzle.
Fine condition.

Uberti Single Action Army 7.5″ 44-40.
Donut ejector rod head, blued and case hardened.
1 piece walnut grips. US stamp on left of frame.
Excellent condition.

$1,300 for the pair
Contact Ted aka Hondo

Taylor & Co – Uberti – 357 Mag 1873 Comanchero – Pistol grip 20” Octagon Barrel

Almost 3,000 Wolf reloads – .38sp 158 grain RNFP cowboy loads plus a few S&B partial boxes

Contact Neil

Pair of Beretta Stampedes in .45 Colt – 4-3/4″ barrels.
Blued with extra wide front sights and rear notch widened by Mackinaw Kid in Michigan.
Tuned and race ready. Some holster wear.
$950 each – includes original boxes.

Pictures on request

Contact Clint Chisum

Dillon case media separator model CM 500, 21045.
Excellent condition.

$30 OBO plus shipping.

Contact Robert or call 514 773 7314
Kirkland Que

SKS rifle in .762×39. Russian made rifle mounted in a Tapco stock with adjustable butt stock.
Includes 5/30 round magazine.

Contact Little River Kid for question and pictures. Buyer to assume shipping cost.

Benelli Nova pump shotgun 12 ga
Real tree pattern, 28 inch barrel, 2 3/4″-3 1/2″
Turkey choke plus full, modified and improved cylinder chokes

Contact Ed Hanson or 905 772 8821

Leather items – everything you need to make belts or holsters.
Boss stitcher, machine patterns, tools.
Too many items to list

Contact Snake for details.

Bond Arms Snake slayer, 4.25″ barrels
c/w .45 Colt/.410 & .38/.357 barrels
Also c/w holster
$1,200 plus shipping if req’d

Contact Wildcat O’Shea for pics or info

Uberti revolver 38-40, blued, 140mm, new

Uberti revolver, black powder, 44cal, blued, 203mm

Photos upon request!
Contact Slow Poke Joe

Frederick Williams English 12 gauge 2 3/4 inch double barreled shotgun.
External hammers, Damascus barrels.
Lots of case hardening, barrel colour, bright bores and deluxe wood.

Belgian Made Double Barreled shotgun 12 ga. steel barrels
Exposed hammers, unmarked brand, very good condition, excellent mechanics

1911 Colt holster. 1916 pattern, original in excellent condition. Unmarked.

Single double loop holster for a 7.5″ SAA. right side, Like new condition.

Contact Ted 905 877 2656

Safari Arms .50 cal black powder percussion lock muzzle loader.
Comes with some patches and bunch of lead balls.
Less than 100 rounds fired through it.

Contact Silverado Fox

Looking to update your wardrobe – here you go. Boots are in excellent condition, only worn a few times for dress.

Canada west brahma mens cowboy boots. They were cw’s top of the line boot. Peanut brittle back cut teju lizard vamps, carmel colored shafts, calfskin lining. Mens 8eee.
Were 600$ new. $250 to a good home. Hard to find boots this quality today.

Lucchese classics handmade in Texas. Their best boot. Blk/grey/blu with elaborate patterns and stitching. Classy, dressy boots. Mens 9.5ee. With box and lucchese certificate.
Were $800. A steal at $300.

To top it off, an Acubra snowy river black cowboy hat in exc cond. Worn twice. Size 56. With box, etc. Was 250 price $150.
And a Turner black cowboy hat size med. Great condition. $50.

Contact Jim Black, Sackville NB

Black Hills gun rig cross-draw.
Comes with 38 caliber slide and loops on belt for 20 ga.
Colour black – fits new vaquero up to 5 inch.
Fits 36 inch waist.
Like new condition
Pictures can be sent to email If interested.

Contact Laredo

Contact Kevin or call 905-691-7988

-Lyman Spartan single stage reloading press $45
-Trigger locks $3 for keyed, 5 for combo
-1 tooled leather rifle case good for lever action and scoped rifle $150

Email Dave / Big Country

Gun cart
$100 OBO

Contact Rod Quesnel or call 519 793 4737

Ithaca 1908 12 ga hammerless side by side shotgun
30″ barrel – asking $300.

Contact Slow Don aka Kevin or call 519-837-1650

Buscadero double rig. Perfect for B-Western category.
44″, tooled brown leather
45 Colt loops.
Photos available
Contact Scott

Smith & Wesson Model 41, .22, 5 mags – $1,500

Jim Bowey knife – copy from The Alamo movie
With DVD and letter of authenticity – $200

Contact Snake

Cleaning up from my single action days
Winchester large pistol primers 10 boxes of 1,000 = 10,000 primers
IMR Trail Boss 9oz jars X 9 jars
Wax bullets .45 colt blue 4 bags at 500/bag, and 750 orange
Firewater to clean the barrel after wax bullets – 8oz
All this for only $700

Contact Mike Arsenault or phone 905 902 5096

Ruger New Model Blackhawk, 6 ½” barrel, .41 Mag

Contact Gary Howe, aka Cactus Jack 519 573 1873

GSG “1911” Standard semi-automatic pistol in 22 LR
5 in. barrel, includes 3 mags
Excellent condition, great shooter. Just have too many toys in the safe.
Retail $450 will sell for $350

Ruger 22/45, Bull Barrel 5.5 in., Blue, black polymer grips, model 10107, new in box
never fired, 2 magazines. Retail $475 will sell for $375.

Contact: Bear Butte 416 565 3199

Churchill-Chapin double barrel shotgun made in Italy has nice scrolling on the receiver. The gun is 12 gauge and the barrel length is 28’ full and modified. $600
Call for details

Don 1-519-688-4170

.45-75 Reloading Dies

These dies are CH-4D. They are made to load cartridges for the Uberti 1876s with the larger chamber. Later Uberti and original Winchester 1876s had a smaller chamber. Price includes a RBCS shell holder but not shipping. Send me your postal code and I will send you the total costs. Brand new the dies sell for $115 US.

.45-75 WCF CH-4D Dies…….$85

Email me at:

Cap & Ball Uberti 1860 Army 44 with a walnut & brass buttstock and all the stuff, leather mould extra cylinder. thanks Frank 905 873-4028 $600.00

Custom Built Campbell .38 calibre Police Pistol Combat Revolver #28

Complete with Wichita Variable (adjustable click) sights
– Custom under barrel weight
– Hogue Mono Grips
– Trigger stop (for smooth trigger pull)
– Also included PPC Ammo Case
– Numerous speed loaders
– Loader belt pouches
– “Safariland” PPC Speed holster & belt
– Carrying Case for Pistol

Complete Package $850.00

Phone Blind Eagle (416)-622 5785

EMF Armi San Marco 1860 Colt .44 Cal in original box

Contact: Snuffy Dave Edwards (AKA David Blakney)


Looking for XMP 5744 powder
Contact Major or 647-284-3855

Looking for a Colt 1860 clone in steel frame, .44 calibre
Contact Seth

Looking for a .243 mag for Valmet M88 hunter
Contact Major or 647-284-3855

Looking for a double barrel, single trigger shotgun (for my wife).
Contact Dogger or 519 357 1997

Looking for a replica six shooter for a holster I have on my wall.
Contact Joe Biro (905) 389-7104

Looking for a Colt lightning rifle, serious collector
Prefer 38-40, but any others very much considered.
Contact Dave (Duelly) Duliban or call 289 407 5723

Looking to purchase a reproduction Rogers & Spencer revolver in 44
(Euroarms or Fienwerkbau),

Hege 1858 in 44

Uberti El Patron in 357 with 5.5” barrel or

Standard manufacturing SAA in 357

Contact Brian

Looking for a 25-35 bullet mold
Contact Drop Dead Dave

Looking for a Ruger Vaquero
.44 Mag, 4 5/8″ barrel

I am looking for a High wall, or Sharps, or Rolling block rifle
in .40-65 wcf.
contact Sean Kenny directly by email

Uberti 1866 yellowboy in 45 Long Colt. Prefer a 20 inch or shorter octagonal barrel.
Barrie, Ontario

I am looking for a .45 colt rifle 92 style real Win or any clone Rossi etc or Marlin in any condition but repairable!
Contact David Ormored aka Kick Ass Mule

Ruger Vaquero, 357/38Spec.

Contact (800) 721-3109 0r

Looking for Uberti lever action 66 or carbine in 45 Colt

Contact: Brian W. McHolm, Email: or Telephone: (306) 230-9200

Looking for Marlin in .357, must be pre-Remington, in good working order. Please contact me via email at: