While WestJet accepts firearms for scheduled flights within Canada, to/from the United States, and to/from most international destinations, guests are responsible to ensure that all necessary permissions, documentation and other requirements have been obtained or satisfied prior to traveling. Please note that Bermuda does not permit any type of firearm (including toys firearms), ammunition or weapon into the country.

WestJet can offer no guidance on the rules around a country’s acceptance policy, and accepts no liability in the event a guest’s weapon is not allowed entry, or is confiscated upon entry.
Each firearm item will be considered a piece of a guest’s checked baggage allowance.
Guests checking baggage and firearms over the permitted amount will be subject to applicable excess baggage fees.

Firearms Acceptance criteria
Firearms are permitted ONLY in checked baggage, and ONLY if the firearm is:
– Unloaded (a declaration form must be completed at the airport)
– Packaged in a locked heavy-duty container or hard-sided (opaque) gun case
– Locked with a trigger lock

WestJet will accept the following types of firearms:
– shotguns
– handguns
– bb guns
– starter pistols
– rifles
– air pistols
– paintball guns (please note: carbon dioxide cartridges/tanks for paintball guns will only be accepted if empty with the valve secured in the open position. Please see Restricted Items information for more details.)

Ammunition must be:
– securely packaged and packed separately from the firearm.
– carried in sturdy baggage not weighing more than 5 kg (11 lb.) gross weight per person (excluding ammunition with explosive or incendiary projectiles).
– packaged in the manufacturer’s original container or an equivalent sturdy, durable container that provides sufficient cartridge separation.

Tasers and stun guns are not accepted for transport.

These policies were copied from the WestJet website on September 30, 2010, for the latest information you should visit the WestJet website.