Grenville Gunslingers – Winter Cowboy – Feb 16, 2020

We are starting a Winter Cowboy Action Shooting League. Our sport will be played in a heated indoor range. Winter CAS will be shot using full metal, cartridge loading, firearms replicas of single action revolvers and 1894 lever action rifles. Only catch, they use CO2 and .17 caliber BBs. If you haven’t seen these firearms, you are in for a big surprise. Just as heavy and solid as your real gear. They work just like the real deal and are a blast to shoot. Yes, you will still be ejecting brass all over the range floor. For the time being we’ll shoot revolvers and rifle only until we find a suitable BB shotgun.

We have plenty of guns to share. We will also supply the CO2 cartridges and the BBs. We have already built some target arrays and we’ll be using big steel targets so as to keep the game as close to possible as actual CAS. We’ll be using SASS rules and scoring. Only one costume rule applies, you will need to wear some sort of 19th century style hat but feel free to wear your cowboy outfit if you want. We have only two categories for scoring, Cowpoke = drawing from holsters (bring your own leather) or City Slicker = drawing from a table.

Registration: 9:30 AM
Shooting starts: 10:00 AM
End Time: about 2:00 PM
Cost: $20 – bring your own grub for a lunch break.

Details are posted on the Wild Turkey Posses web site a few weeks before the match, with a downloadable version of the Match Program.

Contact Rooster Corrigan

2596 Campbell Road North, Prescott Ontario
If using a GPS, use Augusta instead of Prescott

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