Slick Sid Trail Marker

Slick Sid SASS #2563
By Bad Penny SASS #1453
Tillsonburg, Ontario, Canada. Glen Foster (AKA Slick Sid) came to the end of his trail Sunday, April 2, 2017 due to complications from an operation for a broken leg in October 2016. He was in his 80th year.
He owned and operated Foster’s barber shop in Tillsonburg with his wife of 37 years Margo. She handled the female, unisex and stylish section. Slick gave everyone else a “short back and sides” and woe betide anyone who asked for anything fancier.
He saved his creativity for thinking up the darndest Cowboy Action stages in bringing the first monthly outdoor SASS matches to Ontario. He also founded the first Can/Am matches with the Detroit Sportsmen’s Club’s Loan Arranger in Utica, Michigan. The first day’s stages were shot at Ottervalley, the next day’s stages were shot at DSC after dining and partying at a posh hotel. He took the first parties of Canadians into the south west for Plum Creek in Texas several times. Crossing the border in those days needed no passports and terrorism wasn’t a word you ever heard.
Slick was a crusty curmudgeon with a heart of the softest gold. He mercilessly trampled political correctness wherever and whenever he tripped over it but the SASS matches he ran were filled with fun, laughter and some excellent shooting
Many thought he might have missed his true calling: Designing golf courses. This because he used every prop and devious device like sand traps to trick and deceive, from antic distorting glasses, rolls of saran wrap spray painted black to simulate night at every window, and hideous Halloween dummies in every privy, jail and, of course barber’s chair. You name it, he thought it up, as he snipped and circled his many customers.
In the first Magnificent Seven movie, the only one I’ll call magnificent, Chris says: “I’ve been offered a lot for my work, but never everything.”
Now we have lost him, it seems we owe Slick Sid just about everything.
He is predeceased by his mother, father, his three brothers and sister. He is survived by his wife Margo, daughter Patti (John Kondrat), son Scott (Chris) grandchildren Deanne, Ben, Meagan, and Caleigh, great grandchild Carson and Boo the cat.

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