Buffalo Shoot – Islington Sportsmen’s Club – June 11, 2016

Islington Sportsmen’s Club Presents
The Annual Buffalo Shoot

Western caliber lead bullets only, no hot loads
Pistol and Rifle Calibers permitted
Any metallic sight, no scopes

Registration: 9:00 am
Shooting:10:00 am

Main Event
Steel Targets
Rifles – three categories, Single, Lever Rifle (pistol caliber), Lever Rifle (rifle caliber) 22 Rifle – 6 shots
Shoot one or all categories
Entry Fee for each category – $10.00
Re-shoots $5.00, best score counts

Course of Fire
Standing – 10 rounds at large target
Standing with cross sticks – 10 rounds at small target
Sitting – 10 rounds at small target
Awards for 1st – 3rd in each category

Side Events
Rifle Speed Events
30 Rounds at 100 yards
50/50 one shot
Contact: Hawk Feather (Paul Calder) 905-936-2129 or Kid Coon (Shayne Coon) 519-215-0853 lotsacoons@gmail.com

Caledon East – Islington Sportsmen’s Club
18692 Humber Station Road,
Caledon East, ON

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