Wild Bunch RO Course – Hamilton, ON – October 18, 2015


Prerequisites for course attendance are:

 *A complete familiarization of all SASS WBAS training material
 *An understanding of the function and operation of all SASS WBAS legal firearms
*Some experience as a Range Officer in any shooting discipline

Fulfilling the above prerequisites is necessary to ensure each participant’s successful completion of the course and to allow for continuity and consistency of training.  If you have questions about the prerequisites email Legendary Lawman at the address at the bottom of the page.

What:     SASS Wild Bunch Action Shooting Range Officer Certification Training

Where: George Kelly’s House
401 Golf Club Rd.
Hannon,Ont L0R 1P0

When: Sunday, October 18, 2015, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Cost: $30.00 

Schedule: In order to be certified as a WBAS Range Officer each participant must pass both written and practical tests.  Those who successfully complete the course will receive a WBAS RO certificate and pin.

  Before attending the WBAS RO certification training, you should: 

1. Copy and Paste this link into your browser    http://sassnet.com/wildbunch/wbRules.php
Print a copy of the SASS Wild Bunch Handbook version 8 (April 2015) and the
SASS Wild Bunch Range Operations Manual version 8.1 (April 2015)

2.  Read the Handbook.

3.  Read the Handbook again.

4.  Bring the (old, ratty, well worn, tattered, highlighted, dog eared and much READ) Handbook with you to the training.

5.  Bring note taking materials to the training.  During the written test you may refer to your notes.  You may NOT use your copy of the WBAS Handbook while taking the test. 

6.  Bring a lunch and beverages. Coffee and Tea will be available.

The course consists of a power point presentation as well as time for questions and discussion, a 25 question written test, and a range oriented practical test.  Course participants must pass both phases of the training to be certified.  The answers to every question on the written test, as well as every facet of the practical test are found in the Handbook……..so, READ THE HANDBOOK!!     
Upon successfully completing the course you will receive your WBAS RO Pin.

Register by sending an email to Legendary Lawman at:

Legendary Lawman and Serenity

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