Guelph – Percussion Revolver – June 3, 2017

All frontiersman with valid PAL and ATT are invited to Hondo’s Wild West Percussion Revolver Shoot at the Guelph Rod & Gun Club.

Bring your throwing knives or borrow mine.
Bring your usual supplies for your gun but also include wads and corn cob media for 10 shots.
10 grains of corn cob media for each shot.
Bring your shotgun to start the one stage and 2 shots or borrow my 12 gauge.

50 yard buffalo 10 shots.
Steel plates regular cowboy distance 10 shots
Texas Star 5 shots
Full soda cans 5 shots
Aerial balloons 10 shots. (This is where wads and media are needed for percussion blanks)

Pistolero Plaque

Loading starts: 8:30 AM on the Cowboy range under RO supervision
Mandatory Safety Meeting: 9:20 AM
Shooting Time: 9:30 AM
Estimated finishing time: 1:00 PM
Number of Stages: 5 and a side match (time permitting)

Cost: $20 includes hamburg lunch

Check out the poster here HondosWildWestRevolverShoot3June2017

Let Hondo know you’re coming, or for more information contact Hondo at 905 877 8092 or

Guelph Rod and Gun Club
4877 Wellington Rd. #29
Eden Mills, ON


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